2 Optional Vaccines For Your Cat

The five primary vaccinations that you need to get for your cat include feline distemper, feline circovirus, feline herpes virus type I and rabies. The two most important optional vaccines for your cat include feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and bacteria upper respiratory infection vaccines. Feline Leukemia Virus Due to how easily the Feline Leukemia Virus can be spread from one cat to another, this should be a required vaccination. FeLV can be spread through the saliva and nasal secretions from an infected cat to a non-infected cat.

Tips For Taking Better Care Of Your Dog's Oral Hygiene Needs

If you are like most dog owners and understand the importance of canine dental health but don't know what you should do to take care of your dog's teeth, then these tips will get you started on the right track: Tip: Have Your Dog's Teeth Professionally Cleaned Unless your dog is still a young puppy, they will certainly benefit from professional teeth cleaning. You can have your dog's teeth professionally cleaned by either their veterinarian or at the groomer's office.

Is Your Child Ready For A Pet Turtle?

A turtle might seem like a great pet for a child who is not very responsible, but turtles require more care than most people realize. Failing to properly care for the turtle could often mean years of living in substandard conditions. To avoid this, you and your child need to carefully consider what it takes to care for the turtle. What Should You Consider Before Buying a Turtle? Before you buy the turtle, you should take the time to determine if your child and home are right for the pet.

3 Tips For Ensuring That Your Cat Is Safe And Content At A Boarding Facility

A boarding service for your cat is one of the best services to take advantage of when you go out of town, mostly because it can ensure that professionals are entertaining, grooming, and looking after your cat when you can't be there. Listed below are three tips for ensuring that your cat is safe and content at a boarding facility. Provide Food And Medication The biggest thing that you can do when trying to ensure that your cat is safe at a boarding facility is to provide any food or medication that your cat is going to need.

Do Cats Need Flea Protection If They Don't Go Outside?

Protecting your pet from fleas when they regularly go outside is commonplace, but if your cat stays indoors 24/7, you might be wondering if you can skip this step. If your cat isn't coming into contact with strays or walking around outside where fleas can hop on them, you might think that flea protection is unnecessary. The reality is, flea protection should still be used even if your cat has never stepped outside before in its life.