Tips For Taking Better Care Of Your Dog's Oral Hygiene Needs

If you are like most dog owners and understand the importance of canine dental health but don't know what you should do to take care of your dog's teeth, then these tips will get you started on the right track:

Tip: Have Your Dog's Teeth Professionally Cleaned

Unless your dog is still a young puppy, they will certainly benefit from professional teeth cleaning. You can have your dog's teeth professionally cleaned by either their veterinarian or at the groomer's office. If your dog is very cooperative and not a risk of biting the groomer, then they will be happy to clean your dog's teeth and show you how to do it. However, if your dog is a more aggressive breed or has a history of biting, then they will refer you to the dog's vet for this treatment.

Tip: Learn to Properly Brush Your Dog's Teeth

While you may not think it is necessary, brushing your dog's teeth goes a long way towards promoting better oral health. However, if you have never brushed a dog's teeth, then you might be intimidated by the thought. And, you would not be alone! However, brushing your dog's teeth doesn't need to be done every day and it doesn't need to be a major project for you either.

Since you are new to canine toothbrushing, you should learn the proper technique by asking your veterinarian to show you or by watching instructional videos online. Once you know the technique, then gather up the right supplies and brush your pet's teeth on a regular basis to remove stuck food particles, harmful bacteria, and damaging plaque.

Tip: Use Dental Bones and Dental Treats

In addition to brushing your dog's teeth, you can also use special dental bones and dental treats to help combat plaque and tartar buildup. You can purchase these specialty items at your local pet store. If your pet has weight issues, then you can use non-consumable bones and toys they can only chew on and not swallow.

Tip: Schedule Yearly Wellness Examinations with Your Dog's Veterinarian

Finally, one of the absolute best things you can do to protect your dog's oral health is to take them for regularly scheduled wellness examinations with their veterinarian. At each wellness visit, the vet will examine your dog's teeth and gums and make recommendations for how you can better care for their oral health. Catching canine dental issues early will save you a lot of money and will prevent pain and disease for your dog. Contact a vet hospital, like Windsor Veterinary Clinic PC, for more help.