FAQs About Available Bernedoodle Puppies

What do you need to know about available Bernedoodle puppies? If you're ready to become a first-time pet parent, take a look at the top questions about this breed, their care, their temperament, and more. 

What Are Bernedoodles?

As the name implies, this dog is a mix of two different breeds. A Bernedoodle is a cross between the Bernese mountain dog (the "Berne" part of the name) and a poodle (the doodle part of the name). Unlike Bernese mountain dogs, which typically have white, black, and tan fur, the Bernedoodle's coat may take more after its poodle ancestors. This means Bernedoodle puppies could have a varied combination of colors or may not include all three usual Bernes mountain dog hues.

Like a poodle, these dogs may have curly or wavy, thick fur. Some Bernedoodles favor their Bernese mountain dog side and have straighter fur. 

What Type of Temperament Do These Dogs Have?

These dogs are often thought of as goofy or fun-loving. Many Bernedoodles are affectionate, playful companions that crave attention. The Bernedoodle is an intelligent animal and is often easy to train. The combination of this breed's attributes makes it perfect for families with children of all ages. 

How Will You Care For Your Puppy?

Start with a trip to the veterinarian's office. This first visit establishes your pup as a patient. The vet will get to know your dog and their medical/family history. They will review your puppy's immunization record and create a vaccination schedule for their first year and beyond. If you have questions about specific types of food, exercise, or health issues, discuss your concerns with the vet.

Along with professional veterinary care, you will need to help your dog stay healthy at home. This includes feeding, walking/exercising, and grooming. Again, the vet can recommend a food that is nutritious and will help your puppy to grow. They can also suggest a feeding schedule. 

Bernedoodles are active dogs and enjoy exercising. As part of your puppy's care routine, plan to walk your Bernedoodle daily and provide plenty of opportunities for free play—either outside or in a larger, furniture-free indoor space. 

Are Bernedoodles Hypoallergenic?

This breed of dog is considered hypoallergenic. But this doesn't mean it could never cause an allergic reaction or that it does not require grooming. No dog is 100 percent hypoallergenic. Instead, these dogs are less likely to cause reactions than other (non-hypoallergenic) breeds. 

Even though available Bernedoodle puppies are less allergenic than some other types of dogs, they still require grooming. Their thick, often-curly fur can mat and snarl. You will need to brush your pup regularly.