Want A Small Dog? Why A Yorkie Puppy Would Be A Good Fit For You

If you want a small dog for your family, you have many breeds to choose from. One of these breeds is the Yorkie. This breed would be a good fit for you, as well as any family members that live in your home. Below is information about Yorkie puppies so you can decide if you want to invite this type of puppy into your family.

Yorkie Puppy Traits

When you see a Yorkie, one of the first things you will notice is their coat, as it is straight and long. In most cases, their hair will be a bluish color and also tan in other areas. They have long hair on the top of their head that can easily get into their eyes. To stop this, you could tie their hair up with a ribbon, which can look very cute. 

Yorkies are very energetic, and they can be feisty. They also love to have a lot of attention and are very affectionate with their family members. Even though the Yorkie is small, it can still make a good watchdog for you. This is because they will bark if they hear something. If you have other pets, such as dogs and cats, Yorkies will often get along well with them. 

You should consider training if you get a Yorkie puppy. This will help cut down on how much they bark. Yorkies can be hard to house train, but having a good trainer can also help you with this.

Other Information

Yorkies do not require a lot of exercise, so a short walk outside each day will suffice. They do not shed very much even though they have long hair. Because their hair is long, however, you need to make sure you brush it at least once a week and have their hair trimmed by a qualified groomer regularly. 

If you live in a cold region, you should know that Yorkies do not like the cold weather and will get chilled. You can take care of this by purchasing a dog coat for your dog to wear while you are walking them outside on cold days.

Feed your dog high-quality puppy food, and feed your puppy three to four times per day. This could be along with your meals, such as breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Give them a healthy snack a couple of times per day.

A veterinarian can give you a lot of information about Yorkies, such as the type of care they need, the best food for them to eat, and much more.

If you want to get one, contact a resource that has Yorkie puppies for sale.