5 Reasons Why French Bulldog Puppies Are So Popular

There has been a recent surge in the number of French bulldog puppies for sale. While puppies of any breed are adorable, you might find the French bulldog just a little more adorable than others. However, their cuteness is not the only reason that these little dogs have become so popular. Here are a few other reasons why they have reached new heights in popularity.

1. They Are Chic

In the same way that people perceive anything French as chic, so these little dogs are also perceived. They share the spotlight with their French poodle cousins in terms of being simultaneously sophisticated and playful. When you want a dog, but you want others to view you as chic and sophisticated, you get a French poodle or a French bulldog.

2. They Are Quiet

French bulldogs can bark; they are not mute. However, they generally avoid barking because they are good-natured little dogs that do not like to make a lot of noise. For anyone that does not like yippy little dogs or dogs that bark a lot, the French bulldog is perfect. 

3. They Do Not Have as Many Issues With Their Breathing

English bulldogs, or the classic bulldog, has brachycephaly, the condition of being small and flat-headed, specifically in the face. This causes English bulldogs a lot of breathing and sinus problems. French bulldogs, on the other hand, do not have as extreme brachycephaly as their English cousins. Subsequently, they have fewer sinus and breathing issues, and require fewer visits to a veterinarian to cure things like sinus infections or small objects trapped in their noses.

4. They Are Smaller and Make Excellent Therapy Dogs

A very big reason why these little dogs have become so "pup-ular" is that many of them go through therapy dog training to work as therapy animals to children with autism spectrum disorders. At the current rate of ASD diagnosis, many more French bulldogs may be needed by parents who want to encourage this kind of therapy animal for their children with ASD. French bulldogs are very easy to train and are generally very calm dogs as well. 

5. Their Unique Upright Ears and Bulldog Face Make Them Irresistible

Dogs with upright ears always look like they are listening to you. French bulldogs have these ears, plus they have those big puppy eyes that make everyone melt. Their little bulldog faces and more slender little bodies just make them irresistible charmers.