Keeping Your New Puppy Safe From Urban Wildlife

If you saw some cockapoo puppies for sale and recently added a new member to your household, you're undoubtedly looking forward to spending many happy years enjoying the company of your new canine companion. Small breeds like cockapoos generally live much longer than their larger counterparts provided they're given the proper care and attention. Most people who live in urban or suburban environments traditionally haven't had to worry much about their pets encountering wildlife, but urban wildlife populations have exploded in recent years. Coyotes, raccoons, skunks, big birds of prey, and in some cases, even black bears, are now fairly common in many residential neighborhoods. Small breeds in particular are vulnerable to being harmed by these creatures. 

Fortunately, there are ways that you can keep your cockapoo puppy safe from any wildlife that may be skulking in the area. Here's what you need to do:

Feed Your Pet Indoors

Wild animals of all types have a keen sense of smell, and your pet's food and water is undoubtedly on their radar if it's placed outdoors. Feeding your pet inside cuts down considerably on visits from opportunistics wildlife. 

Don't Leave Your Pet Outdoors at Night

Small breeds evolved as human companions, which means they've historically slept indoors with their people -- leaving them outdoors at night really isn't fair to them. Because of their small size, they're particularly at risk of being attacked by wild animals. In fact, they may even serve to attract urban and suburban coyotes onto your property because these creatures consider them to be prey. 

Get a Wildlife-Proof Trash Can

Wildlife is attracted to homes where the pickings for food are easy, and most of the time, this means unsecured or otherwise easily accessed trash cans. Make sure your lids are as secure as possible, and as an extra precaution, keep your trash cans in the garage or other enclosed area until the morning of pickup day to make them less tempting to wildlife. 

Keep Your Yard Well Maintained

Unkempt landscaping provides a prime nesting habitat for wildlife, so keep it as clean and neat as possible to discourage raccoons and other animals from taking up residence. Keep in mind that even small animals such as squirrels and rats can be a menace to tiny dogs, especially if they've created nests where they're raising their young. 

Your local cockapoo breeder can advise you on more ways to keep your new furry friend safe and happy in your home.