How To Train Your Dog To Hunt

Depending on the type of breed you have, your new furry pal may have some hunting instinct already in him. Breeds such as Labrador Retrievers, German short-haired pointers, Brittany Spaniels, and some other breeds are some of your usual hunting dogs. If you are into hunting, and want your new furry companion to come along with you on a hunt, then it's time to start training. If you aren't sure where to begin, read on for some helpful tips.

Teach The Basics First

As with any puppy, you want your new pal to know the basic commands such as sit, stay, come, and heel. These are basics that any dog should know, but you especially need your hunting dog to know these commands. Give your puppy plenty of praise and treats for good behavior and be sure to only train for about 10 minutes at a time. Be patient, as these basic commands may take some time.

Train Using Hunting Accessories

When hunting with your puppy, you may want to get your dog used to a whistle to get him to come back to you. Begin training him to come with the whistle. You can also do some training with a dog collar. Use the beep as a warning to your pup, or the mild electric shock when the warning noise doesn't work.

Socialize Your Puppy

Since you will be hunting around other animals, possibly other dogs and people, you want your dog to be social. Take him to the dog park around other people and animals. While there, you can begin practicing fetching with a retriever dummy. Throw the dummy and when he brings it back to you, give him a special reward. This may take time to get him to actually bring it back to you, but it's a great place to begin training with the dummy. 

Do Some Training In The Field

Try to train your puppy in the same type of environment where you will be hunting. If you will be duck hunting with your puppy, take him close to the water to teach him to retrieve. Also teach him to be around the sounds of a shotgun to get him used to the sound. Training him in the same type of environment will help prepare him for the sights, sounds, smells and feel of what he will be around and where he will be fetching.

Go Hunting Alone

On your first hunt with your new hunting buddy, go with just you and your pup. The first hunt will require your full attention on your dog, and you don't need any extra distractions - neither does your dog. It could be a distraction for other hunters or other hunting dogs, so keep it just you and your new fur baby.

Give Praise And Reward Good Behavior

Be sure to praise your dog a lot during his first hunt for his good behavior. Bring plenty of small treats with you during the hunt to help with training. Remember to be patient with your buddy, it will take more than one hunt to get all of the kinks out. He's learning, and so are you.

Get some hunting supplies, such as at Lion Country Supply, to help with training such as dummy retrievers, a dog training collar and a whistle to call for your dog. Start slowly when training, then work in hunting training after getting some of the basics down. It will take some time, so be patient, but you can train your dog. He'll be hunting with you in no time at all.