Want To Start A Pet Services Business? Options To Consider

Starting a pet services business is one of the easiest entrepreneurial business options around, so long as you really love animals. The biggest reason why this is one of the easiest businesses to start is because almost every household in America has some sort of pet. Most houses have at least a dog or cat, while some houses have both, and other houses have additional smaller pets or exotic pets. That said, here are some ideas and options for pet service businesses you can start from the comfort of your own home.

Pet Walker

Usually, you would be walking dogs, since all dog owners struggle with taking their dogs for walks while they are away at work for the day. However, there are some cat owners and exotic pet owners that request that you take their pets for walks too. You may have to take the dogs separate from the cats, unless the cats are dog-friendly. As for walking exotic pets, those definitely should be walked on their own. Most pet walkers can easily make a day's wages walking four to eight pets in an hour!

Pet Groomer

As a pet groomer, you can perform a variety of pet care services, from bathing to nail clipping. You can set up a shop in your home or trick out a mobile van with groomer's essentials to become a mobile groomer. Most entrepreneurs in the pet grooming business opt for the latter because it allows them to serve a much wider range of customers over a greater distance. If you get between six and ten appointments a day, your gas is paid for and you have made some decent wages. If you decide to just service pets from your home, somewhere around eight appointments a day will cover your supplies and water usage for the day.

Pet Therapist

Pets feel anxiety, loneliness, boredom, and frustration just like humans. Pets rely on their humans for interaction and socialization, but not all pet owners are able to provide that. The result is a destructive, needy pet that causes its owner a lot of frustration and heartache. As a "pet therapist," you have access to pet owner's homes during the day or when they are on vacation. You go and play with the animals for about an hour and give them lots of love and attention. This alleviates their anxiety, loneliness, boredom, and frustration, and the owners are left with content pets that do not destroy the home.

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