Hidden Dangers To Eliminate From Your Home If You Leave Your Kitty Unattended

The old expression is "curiosity killed the cat," and even though a lot of homeowners take this expression as just a light way of saying cats can get themselves into trouble, the truth is, curiosity truly can seriously harm your cat. It is for good reason that many cat owners refuse to leave their cat home alone for long periods. However, even if you leave your kitty at home while you work or make short trips, there are a few things you should get rid of around the house to protect your pet. Take a look at these seemingly harmless household items that can land a curious kitty with an injury or life-threatening situation. 

Potted Plants - If you have a bit of a green thumb and enjoy having potted plants indoors, you should know that this may not be a good idea if you have a cat. Not only will the kitty likely find the soil inside the pot a good place to scratch around, they may also chew on the plants, and this can be deadly. Some pants are extremely toxic to cats who will not always know the difference. For example, lily varieties can be incredibly toxic in all parts if consumed by a feline. 

Electrical Cords - That tangled mess of cords that you keep tucked away behind your desk or entertainment center may not look like much of a threat to you, but in the eyes of a cat, this is the perfect place to play and extremely dangerous. Cats can get entangled in the cords, which will naturally lead them to try and chew their way out of the situation. If the cords are plugged in, an electrical shock is a serious possibility. To avoid this problem, unplug devices before you leave the house, roll up the cords and tuck them beneath your devices. 

Unlocked Cabinets - If you have no children, you may think that putting safety locks on drawers and cabinets throughout the house would be a waste of time and energy. Yet, if you have a feline roaming around unattended, it is definitely best to invest in cabinet locks. There are a lot of things cats can get into in the cabinets that could cause them incredible harm, such a household chemicals, health and beauty products, and even basic things like chocolate, which can make your cat very ill. Therefore, keeping cabinet doors locked is best to keep your cat safe. For more info, contact a cat boarding facility near you.