3 Behavioral Benefits Of Spaying Your Female Dog

If you have a young female dog, you may be starting to research the benefits of having her spayed. Along with preventing unwanted puppies and eliminating the risk of cancer in the reproductive organs, there are also three behavioral benefits of spaying your female dog:

Prevents Mood Swings During Heat Cycle

At the peak of a female dog's heat cycle, their hormones affect their moods. Their behavior can become erratic, such as being loving one moment but aggressive the next because you petted her ear the wrong way.

When the reproductive organs are removed during the spaying surgery, the ovaries that produce the hormones are included. As a result, your dog will no longer have the surges of hormones that make her irritable.

Reduces The Urge To Roam Away From Home

As part of the reproductive cycle, your female dog may have the urge to roam away from the house in search of a mate. This instinct becomes strongest when they are in full-blown heat.

Because the instinct to reproduce becomes a priority during this time, your dog may try to escape the house or yard, even if she usually does not want to leave the couch. Once she has been spayed, this urge to roam will disappear along with the removal of the hormones.

Calms Down Hyperactive Behavior

Your dog's estrogen levels do not only increase your dog's desire to mate. These hormones also give your pooch a surge of energy and playfulness. However, if her body produces an excess of the hormone, this increased level could make her hyperactive. She may also become this way at the height of her heat cycle.

As a result, she may have so much energy that she may start tearing things up around the house. Even if you try to train her to stop eating your shoes or tearing up the pillows, the constant production of hormones may make training her fully next to impossible. 

If your puppy is exhibiting hyperactive behavior, you should see a marked decrease in her mischievous antics after she is spayed. The lack of estrogen production will most likely calm her down.

Having your female dog spayed can help reduce or eliminate some negative behavior. If you have further questions or feel your dog is the right age for the procedure, you may want to make an appointment with a veterinarian like Southwest Animal Hospital to seek their advice and determine the right time for spaying your dog.