2 Cat Quirks And What They Mean

Cats are wonderful, sneaky creatures. They are also quirky. Cats have a whole series of behaviors that make sense to them but which may confuse you. However, you can decipher some of those quirks and what they mean and maybe be a little less confused about your cat. 

Cat Sleeping on Your Head

If you have a cat, odds are that at some point in time, your cat has slept right on your head or next to your head. Why do cats do that? As much as it may bother you when they are sleeping right on top of your head, they do it for several reasons. One is that your head is nice and warm. Cats like nice, warm, snuggly places and the top of your head certainly fits the bill. An added benefit is that your pillow is nice and soft. Another reason is that they like the smell of you, which they can get from your head and your pillows. If you have a lot of hair, they may want to try to lay on your hair to get even more of your scent around them. You may see this particular action happening more with kittens than with older cats. 

Cat Brings You Dead Things

You may be totally grossed out when you cat puts a dead mouse by your bed or hides some other dead creature in your shoe and think that they are doing it just to bother you.

However, that's not true. Bringing you dead things is a sign that your cat loves you. That's because your cat is a mighty hunter and thinks that you aren't such a good hunter, so they want to help you out and give you something to eat. So, they catch something and bring it to you so that you can eat. If they bring you a half-dead critter, your cat is treating you like they would a kitten or young cat.

Mama cats will go out and find some creature and bring it back to their babies when it is nearly dead.  This way, kittens learn to hunt something without the risk of being hurt so that the kittens can become mighty hunters. Your cat is just trying to teach you to be self-sufficient. So, try not to yell when you see the dead or nearly dead critter and be happy that your cat loves you. 

Understanding some of your cat's quirks may help to demystify your cat and help you understand their motivations. For questions about health, contact a company like Cat Care Clinic.