3 Reasons Leaving Your Cat And Bunny At Home Together Is Not Such A Good Idea

For the most part, cats and rabbits seem to have a lot in common. They both love to play, they both have curious personalities, and they both enjoy being showed affection on their terms. However, even though your pet rabbit and pet kitty may seem similar, they are actually two totally different creatures. If you keep both your bunny and your cat in the house together, it is never a good idea to leave them home alone and unsupervised. Take a look at three of the biggest reasons leaving an unsupervised cat and bunny in the house could lead to a disaster. 

Cats are predators and rabbits are prey. 

In the wild, cats are always predatory animals and this genetic trait is carried down into even the most basic domesticated house cat, no matter how harmless it may seem. On the contrary, rabbits are creatures of prey, or in other words, they are most often viewed as prey by predatory animals. Because of this, your cat could see the rabbit as prey and attack it. Unfortunately, the wild tendency may not always be so obvious, which can make a cat owner assume that their kitty would never harm their pet rabbit, but this simply is not a safe assumption. 

Cats and bunnies should never share the same foods. 

If you leave a cat and bunny at home together for long periods of time, it means they will have to have food accessible throughout the day. Even though the cat could probably eat the rabbit's food and suffer no real consequences, the same cannot be said for the rabbit if it eats the cat's food. Rabbits have a complex digestive system that requires primarily high-fiber foods, which is not what they will get with kitty chow and this could be dangerous to their health. 

Cats can get into a bunny's hutch if they are determined enough to do so. 

You may think that because you keep your bunny housed in a hutch, there is no need to worry about your kitty roaming the house. However, because the cat can view the rabbit as prey, it will go to great lengths to get inside of its house or enclosure. Just the bunny hopping around inside of the hutch can be enticing enough to provoke the cat to pry open a screen or scratch at the door latch until it comes open and they have access to the inside. 

Boarding your cat can be a viable solution for these concerns. Contact a boarding facility or visit a site like http://www.aocb.com for more information.